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Monday, September 11, 2006

The update

Ok, after the huge demand for an update (1 comment) I finally have put fingers to keyboard to explain what is going on in my wargaming life.

Basically from a very large collection of books, figures and reference material I am now down to 7 figures and 1 rule book. This has been a huge change in my life selling everything on eBay but has netted me over £1000 since November.

It has also meant I can now truly focus on my project in hand. Even when I tried this before I ended up with 3 projects (see below) with one not even being finalized. Now however, I only have one set of figures and the rules to go with them.

This bit requires a bit of background: I first started gaming at the tender age of around 7 with a short lived series of starter games produced by Games Workshop (Ultra Marines, Kerrunch etc.) and then moved on to Epic, Rogue Trader, Warhammer Fantasy etc. This sci-fi and fantasy gaming took me to about 17 when I discovered historicals.

Quickly abandoning my early games as "immature" (I am talking about toy soldiers for gods sake!) I flung myself completely into them and scoffed at the fools marching goblins around a table. For a good few years including my whole uni career I built up various armies of various eras in various scales.

However two major factors have now stopped me: firstly opponents. This is such an intrinsic part of my wargaming I am amazed it took me so long to realise nobody wanted to play me. If they did want to play it was something I wasn't building/had no interest in and was inevitably WW2. This leads me into my next problem...

A while ago I posted a semi-rant thing about the morals of a wargamer and how I was finding it harder and harder to play "realistic" games. It has finally come to the point that the idea of playing a game which is trying to represent what real people lived and died through really does not appeal. It fact it puts me right of my dinner some days.

Now I am NOT saying that every wargamer is evil and wants to kill people wantantly. I am just saying that I find it hard to see a knocked out Sherman in FoW and not picture the crew inside burning to death in a foreign field.

On that morbid note I shall re-iterate: for me, historicals are no more.

So what is left? Why the realms of fantasy and sci-fi of course! Back to where I started 15 years ago as a wide eyed and fresh faced youngster. I am still shying away from Games Workshop as I don't really have the time or resources to create a whole army for either major system really. Instead I am looking for a skirmish games which requires few figures to play.

(Yes I know GW's Lotr fits the bill but I think I have played that one to death in various guises!)
Instead I am going to focus on Confrontation from Rackham. I already have a small warband almost ready to go (the 7 figures) and the lovely new 3rd edition rulebook (my solitary book). Other than a set of counters this is all I need to get playing!

I really hope this is going to be a turning point in my gaming life and I can feel proud and focused on my projects and what I can produce. Sorry for the lack of pictures, I was hoping to take a few once the warband is fully painted but I have one left to do!

Thoughts? Questions? Ideas?

Wish me luck and I hope to update again soon.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Advance Warning

This blog WILL be updated soon (even with pictures!).

My wargaming life has had a bit of an upheavel recently and all shall be explained

(with pictures).


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Notice a lack of updates?

This is mainly due to my laziness, combined with finding excuses in having to move house and watching thr World Cup (Forza Italia!)

My wargaming activites of recent weeks has mostly been confined to the web and has consisted on browsing the message boards of the Miniatures Page, becoming a supporting member of said site and corresponding with a chap from Italy who has provided wonderful information on uniforms for the Italian War of 1859.

Again my projects seem to change. My 15m Nappys are now in storage in Manchester and so this leaves My 6mm Crimean Figures and my 2mm figures. While the Crimean project is "sorted" it is the 2mm ones that are causing me problems. Perhaps they are a little too generic? At the moment they are heading to the Seven Years War as mentioned below but my thoughts do stray...

I think I suffer from looking ahead too much. Even before opening my bags of Crimean figures I had images in my mind of supplementing them with Austrians so I could refight the battles of Magenta et al. Focus Rob! Focus!

Hopefully I can get some work done on my figures in the next few weeks but who knows really? Perhaps I am too lazy for this hobby after all?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Just to add a couple more links:

Firstly El Brazo De Nelson which is a blog featuring fantastic Russian Civil War and Spanish Civil War figures. I find both of these conflicts fascinating and indeed my first ever home brewed rules were for the RCW! Excellent Work.

Secondly is Mike Siggin's website. I'm sure this actually needs no introduction but is packed with his (in)famous Wargamers Notebooks which, for myself, was one of the reasond I carried on buying Wargames Illustrated for so long! Thankfully they are all archived on this site as well as some beautiful figures.

I promised myself at the beginning of this year that my wargaming habits would be a lot more focused, one project at a time, painting before buying etc. Well that seems to have almost fallen through.
I am still selling the vast majority of my figures and have cut down to three projects:

1) 6mm Crimean War, I haven't had a chance to paint anymore since the first division (who I am going to repaint) but this project is "done" in terms of figure buying and rules. I may get some more in the distant future but for now I have more than enough to keep me going!

2) 2mm Seven Years War. I have had some 2mm figures from Irregular for quite a while and have finally struck on what to do with them. With this year being the 250th anniversery of the start of this conflict it seems fitting. My plan is to have the figures, rules and terrain sorted by the 1st October and to refight the battle of Lobositz exactly 250 years to the day.

3) 15mm Napoleonics. This project is probably the biggest, both in terms of figures and it's scale. I am going to rebase my already completed French figures onto 2"x2" squares for use in Grand Armee. This is however on hold for the moment until I move back to Manchester.

So thats it. Everything else, including my two sets of Battle of Five Armies is going up on Ebay. Please keep checking for items under Arcangeli1983 and wish me luck!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A quick update.

Hello everyone, this entry is basically a chance to show you two new links:

Firstly The White General, an excellent blog with some lovely looking figures, also from Irregular miniatures.

Secondly is this excellent list of Wargaming Blogs kindly put together by Derek Hodge. I'm sure everyone will find something of interest in it!

Monday, May 22, 2006

A new start

Well this post is mainly an update, both to the blog and also on my wargaming activities. I have got a division of my Crimean War figures done (Although I am not entirley happy with the flags and basing, need a bit more research I think). I decided to paint up the Light Division first who played an invaluable if not enviable role at the battle of the Alma.

Edit: PLease excuse the poor photo, believe it or not there are some commanders in that brown blobby bit at the back!

This weekend I was also able to get three games of War of the Ring in with my earstwhile opponent Ben who has just started his own blog (Damn the Torpedoes in the links section). We played with the excellent new supplement and all the games were very close and enjoyable.

Other than that I hope to get another division painted this week (probably the Guards and Highlanders) and then start on the Russians. My aim is to have two playable forces by the first week of June!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Morals of a wargamer...

Well it is difficult isn't it? War can never be a game and yet that idea is intrinsic to the hobby. When pushing around the little metal figures are we really keeping in mind what it is we represent?
I find it very hard to come to terms with the morality of playing games based on humanity destroying each other. It seems especially acute when playing a game from "modern" history such as WW2 and yet surely it is no different for a Roman killing a Gaul? Yet I don't know of anybody opposed to Ancient gaming on moralistic ground.
I think it is very unfair for all wargamers to be glorying war, I have found that since coming into the hobby it is harder and harder to watch war films or read memoirs and yet I feel I have to do it. You cannot simply ignore what war is about. I watched Brotherhood today and was nearly in tears at some sequences and almost left the room but I knew that it would be a cowardly thing to do. If people lived it I should learn about it, otherwise they will be forgotten.

This topic is certainly one that is haunting me recently and probably explains my shift towards eyeing up Sci-Fi figures and the like. But there is still the matter of the Crimea and the moral anxieties that causes....

Or is it just a game? Please leave thoughts.