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Saturday, April 29, 2006

An apology to Irregular...

Things that I learnt today for visiting a miniatures company:
(1) Phone in advance if you are looking to pick up certain figures/rules.
(2) Check to see if they are actually open when you want to go and see them
(3) Do NOT drag your girlfriend all the way across York then promptly mug one of the employees of the company on the door step and get them to let you in and sell you models that you simply ASSUMED would be cast up and available...

Once again I am sorry....

In good news my boarishness was met with good manners and service and I was able to leave with a bag of Crimean War Russians and a bag of Frenchies with the rest of the Alma lot arriving in the post soon!

So far I have simply had a look through these figures and my favourites are definitely the civilian "spectactors" including a lady with parasol! I will probably get photos of these figures tomorrow and stick them on here for everyone to see. Both of you.



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