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Sunday, May 28, 2006

A quick update.

Hello everyone, this entry is basically a chance to show you two new links:

Firstly The White General, an excellent blog with some lovely looking figures, also from Irregular miniatures.

Secondly is this excellent list of Wargaming Blogs kindly put together by Derek Hodge. I'm sure everyone will find something of interest in it!

Monday, May 22, 2006

A new start

Well this post is mainly an update, both to the blog and also on my wargaming activities. I have got a division of my Crimean War figures done (Although I am not entirley happy with the flags and basing, need a bit more research I think). I decided to paint up the Light Division first who played an invaluable if not enviable role at the battle of the Alma.

Edit: PLease excuse the poor photo, believe it or not there are some commanders in that brown blobby bit at the back!

This weekend I was also able to get three games of War of the Ring in with my earstwhile opponent Ben who has just started his own blog (Damn the Torpedoes in the links section). We played with the excellent new supplement and all the games were very close and enjoyable.

Other than that I hope to get another division painted this week (probably the Guards and Highlanders) and then start on the Russians. My aim is to have two playable forces by the first week of June!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Morals of a wargamer...

Well it is difficult isn't it? War can never be a game and yet that idea is intrinsic to the hobby. When pushing around the little metal figures are we really keeping in mind what it is we represent?
I find it very hard to come to terms with the morality of playing games based on humanity destroying each other. It seems especially acute when playing a game from "modern" history such as WW2 and yet surely it is no different for a Roman killing a Gaul? Yet I don't know of anybody opposed to Ancient gaming on moralistic ground.
I think it is very unfair for all wargamers to be glorying war, I have found that since coming into the hobby it is harder and harder to watch war films or read memoirs and yet I feel I have to do it. You cannot simply ignore what war is about. I watched Brotherhood today and was nearly in tears at some sequences and almost left the room but I knew that it would be a cowardly thing to do. If people lived it I should learn about it, otherwise they will be forgotten.

This topic is certainly one that is haunting me recently and probably explains my shift towards eyeing up Sci-Fi figures and the like. But there is still the matter of the Crimea and the moral anxieties that causes....

Or is it just a game? Please leave thoughts.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Still excited...

So far this week I have been playing with my new Crimean War figures, cleaning them up etc. and lining them all up smart. I am actually still awaiting the delivery of the rest of the Russians, the British and the released itself...but that doesn't stop me having fun setting out the rest:

That incredibly bad picture is actually two French Battalions in column flanked by two guns and covered by Skirmishers. I really am impressed by these figures and am completely unable to take a good photograph of the buggers!

Other than the waiting not much has taken place however, although I made a list of paint "needs" at work today and also I need to get around to replacing many of my tools which are old school ones and getting a bit rusty!

The only other news is that I am still ebaying under Arcangeli1983 so please keep looking!