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Monday, May 22, 2006

A new start

Well this post is mainly an update, both to the blog and also on my wargaming activities. I have got a division of my Crimean War figures done (Although I am not entirley happy with the flags and basing, need a bit more research I think). I decided to paint up the Light Division first who played an invaluable if not enviable role at the battle of the Alma.

Edit: PLease excuse the poor photo, believe it or not there are some commanders in that brown blobby bit at the back!

This weekend I was also able to get three games of War of the Ring in with my earstwhile opponent Ben who has just started his own blog (Damn the Torpedoes in the links section). We played with the excellent new supplement and all the games were very close and enjoyable.

Other than that I hope to get another division painted this week (probably the Guards and Highlanders) and then start on the Russians. My aim is to have two playable forces by the first week of June!



At 9:42 am, Blogger Ben said...

Oooh! Oooh! Play me! play me!

Lookin good! If you manage to finish them in time i'll give you a darned boot up the backside (in a metaphorical gaming sense of course)! Keep me posted...

At 4:58 pm, Blogger Poruchik said...


Thanks for the compliments about the blog. Your site looks great-good stuff here. I wish I could pop over to Irregular on the weekends or during the week for a visit. It's a bit far from Wash DC though. I thought about Crimean also, but, I saw the Irregular RTW 42's in a Min Wargames or Wargame Illus a few years back and was hooked. They are great minis and easy to paint. If they look good it's because they are great castings, I consider myself an average painter at best. I actualy hope at some point to bring in 42mm Austrians, English, French and Prussians to the mix. From there I might take this thing Jules Verne with steam engines and bizarre Victorian WMD's.

thanks again,


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