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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Just to add a couple more links:

Firstly El Brazo De Nelson which is a blog featuring fantastic Russian Civil War and Spanish Civil War figures. I find both of these conflicts fascinating and indeed my first ever home brewed rules were for the RCW! Excellent Work.

Secondly is Mike Siggin's website. I'm sure this actually needs no introduction but is packed with his (in)famous Wargamers Notebooks which, for myself, was one of the reasond I carried on buying Wargames Illustrated for so long! Thankfully they are all archived on this site as well as some beautiful figures.

I promised myself at the beginning of this year that my wargaming habits would be a lot more focused, one project at a time, painting before buying etc. Well that seems to have almost fallen through.
I am still selling the vast majority of my figures and have cut down to three projects:

1) 6mm Crimean War, I haven't had a chance to paint anymore since the first division (who I am going to repaint) but this project is "done" in terms of figure buying and rules. I may get some more in the distant future but for now I have more than enough to keep me going!

2) 2mm Seven Years War. I have had some 2mm figures from Irregular for quite a while and have finally struck on what to do with them. With this year being the 250th anniversery of the start of this conflict it seems fitting. My plan is to have the figures, rules and terrain sorted by the 1st October and to refight the battle of Lobositz exactly 250 years to the day.

3) 15mm Napoleonics. This project is probably the biggest, both in terms of figures and it's scale. I am going to rebase my already completed French figures onto 2"x2" squares for use in Grand Armee. This is however on hold for the moment until I move back to Manchester.

So thats it. Everything else, including my two sets of Battle of Five Armies is going up on Ebay. Please keep checking for items under Arcangeli1983 and wish me luck!