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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Notice a lack of updates?

This is mainly due to my laziness, combined with finding excuses in having to move house and watching thr World Cup (Forza Italia!)

My wargaming activites of recent weeks has mostly been confined to the web and has consisted on browsing the message boards of the Miniatures Page, becoming a supporting member of said site and corresponding with a chap from Italy who has provided wonderful information on uniforms for the Italian War of 1859.

Again my projects seem to change. My 15m Nappys are now in storage in Manchester and so this leaves My 6mm Crimean Figures and my 2mm figures. While the Crimean project is "sorted" it is the 2mm ones that are causing me problems. Perhaps they are a little too generic? At the moment they are heading to the Seven Years War as mentioned below but my thoughts do stray...

I think I suffer from looking ahead too much. Even before opening my bags of Crimean figures I had images in my mind of supplementing them with Austrians so I could refight the battles of Magenta et al. Focus Rob! Focus!

Hopefully I can get some work done on my figures in the next few weeks but who knows really? Perhaps I am too lazy for this hobby after all?