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Monday, September 11, 2006

The update

Ok, after the huge demand for an update (1 comment) I finally have put fingers to keyboard to explain what is going on in my wargaming life.

Basically from a very large collection of books, figures and reference material I am now down to 7 figures and 1 rule book. This has been a huge change in my life selling everything on eBay but has netted me over £1000 since November.

It has also meant I can now truly focus on my project in hand. Even when I tried this before I ended up with 3 projects (see below) with one not even being finalized. Now however, I only have one set of figures and the rules to go with them.

This bit requires a bit of background: I first started gaming at the tender age of around 7 with a short lived series of starter games produced by Games Workshop (Ultra Marines, Kerrunch etc.) and then moved on to Epic, Rogue Trader, Warhammer Fantasy etc. This sci-fi and fantasy gaming took me to about 17 when I discovered historicals.

Quickly abandoning my early games as "immature" (I am talking about toy soldiers for gods sake!) I flung myself completely into them and scoffed at the fools marching goblins around a table. For a good few years including my whole uni career I built up various armies of various eras in various scales.

However two major factors have now stopped me: firstly opponents. This is such an intrinsic part of my wargaming I am amazed it took me so long to realise nobody wanted to play me. If they did want to play it was something I wasn't building/had no interest in and was inevitably WW2. This leads me into my next problem...

A while ago I posted a semi-rant thing about the morals of a wargamer and how I was finding it harder and harder to play "realistic" games. It has finally come to the point that the idea of playing a game which is trying to represent what real people lived and died through really does not appeal. It fact it puts me right of my dinner some days.

Now I am NOT saying that every wargamer is evil and wants to kill people wantantly. I am just saying that I find it hard to see a knocked out Sherman in FoW and not picture the crew inside burning to death in a foreign field.

On that morbid note I shall re-iterate: for me, historicals are no more.

So what is left? Why the realms of fantasy and sci-fi of course! Back to where I started 15 years ago as a wide eyed and fresh faced youngster. I am still shying away from Games Workshop as I don't really have the time or resources to create a whole army for either major system really. Instead I am looking for a skirmish games which requires few figures to play.

(Yes I know GW's Lotr fits the bill but I think I have played that one to death in various guises!)
Instead I am going to focus on Confrontation from Rackham. I already have a small warband almost ready to go (the 7 figures) and the lovely new 3rd edition rulebook (my solitary book). Other than a set of counters this is all I need to get playing!

I really hope this is going to be a turning point in my gaming life and I can feel proud and focused on my projects and what I can produce. Sorry for the lack of pictures, I was hoping to take a few once the warband is fully painted but I have one left to do!

Thoughts? Questions? Ideas?

Wish me luck and I hope to update again soon.